The Climate crisis impacts the 3rd ward in unique ways given how much lakefront we have. Lee street beach is in “catastrophic” status according to the army corps of engineers. We need to proactively buttress and save our shorelines or risk losing them forever.

CARP is a great framework to move forward with, but we need to see it as a first step and not a last. I have advocated that we try in good faith to complete the work outlined in CARP ten years early to afford time in crafting and beginning whatever step 2 looks like.

Beyond that I’ve advocated for going beyond CARP in some regards for things like incentives and subsidies to retrofit and renovate older buildings and homes’ HVAC units. 44% of our emissions comes from older buildings, and this is a huge step that is simply not attainable if we don’t have action from the city to add this to its already lengthy priorities list and take the steps to find funding to make it happen.